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Jamdani cotton-silk suits - Beautiful Blue and Gold

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Jamdani, is a combination of the words ‘Jam’ and ‘Dani’ meaning flower and vase respectively. This weave done by loom on brocade is a time consuming process and is a blend of figures and floral motifs. Jamdani also known as muslin cloth has a weave of the typical gray and white, and sometimes a mixture of cotton and gold thread. In contrast to using karpash cotton, today weavers use Cotton and Silk blends. Being a versatile fabric, it can be either woven in full Silk or also with a combination of real gold/silver/precious metal yarn. Jamdani is eco friendly as it is spun by hand and foot tools. Keeping up with the modern times Jamdani sarees have on their surface patterns of Rose, Jasmine, Lotus, bunches of Ginger and Sago, even bunches of Bananas.

Maintenance: Simple rinse in cold water using a mild shampoo and dry only in shade. Do NOT brush.


Material : Cotton-silk blended fabric with Jamdani

The dress is a three piece salwar dress material with top 2.5 meters, salwar 2.25 meters and dupatta 2.5 meters.

Top, Salwar and Duppatta – Jamdani Cotton-Silk


* Images are taken carefully such that the original colour does not vary. Colours may slightly vary from the original depending on the parameters set in the monitor and light effects.


Ideal for:

Festivals, Pujas, Casual Gatherings, Gift for someone you love and the best Party Wear.