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Kalamkari Fabric - Pen Kalamkari designs

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Product Details

Kalamkari fabric is pure cotton handpainted or blockprinted using natural dyes. This fabric can be stitched into kurthas, cotton pants, shirts and wraprounds.

Kalamkari fabric is a hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile. The word is derived from the Persian words ghalam (pen) and kari (craftmanship), meaning drawing with a pen.

The cotton fabric gets its glossiness by immersing it in a mixture of Myrobalans and cow milk. Contours and reasons are then drawn with a point in bamboo soaked in a mixture of jagri fermented and water; then the vegetable dyes. After applying each color on to the motif, the Kalamkari fabric is washed after drying. Thus, each fabric undergoes upto 20 washes. Various effects are obtained by using cow dung, seeds, plants and crushed flowers to obtain natural dye.

Material & Care

Material : 100% Cotton (powerloom) Handprinted dyeing (Block Printing) or Pen painted or printed by using the replicas of pen kalamkari designs.

Color-fast (Soak in salt water for five minutes before the first wash. Any excess dye, would leave off the cloth)

Width: 47inches (saree panna/width).

Care : Hand wash, Do not dry in direct sunlight (dry in shade), wash in cold or luke warm water.

* Images are taken carefully such that the original colour does not vary. Colours may slightly vary from the original depending on the parameters set in the monitor and light effects.

* It is always advisable to soak new cotton clothes in water and then dry them before stitching. This ensures perfect fit after stitching.

Ideal for:

Festivals, Pujas. Casual Gatherings, Gift for someone you love and also great for daily use.